scorpio1Tali’s horoscope: You will be very happy on September 17—that’s when Saturn leaves your sign. Since October 6, 2012, you’ve been hosting Saturn, which can be rough and often feels like fighting an uphill battle. All your hard work and challenges of the last three years will begin to pay off. You’ll feel super-strong with Jupiter in your house of friendship and community. Build a presence online—create something that will bring you a lasting following. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius, you could get serious about what you want to do with your life. You might feel more grounded. The Virgo eclipse could bring a new team affiliation. You will be a bit sleepy at the end of the month, when the sun goes into Libra. Mercury retrograde could reveal people in your circle who you can nix—who might not be in your life with the best intentions. Avoid people who could take you down a path you don’t want to go down. Bad influences be gone! You’re gonna feel a lot of relief, in many ways.
Dylan’s advice: Relief seems like a big thing in September—relief from the challenges of hosting Saturn in your sun sign for three years; relief from negative characters in your life who Mercury retrograde will bring opportunities to release (and please, take those opportunities!). Celebrate this wave of September calm, and capitalize on lucky Jupiter in your 11th house of friendship, by organizing an outing with only your best and most genuine friends at one of your favorite spots. Make that date on September 17. That’s a Thursday, so maybe grab dinner with your favorite group of people and get stoked on your awesome future over a massive pizza—the ultimate chill-celebration cuisine.