Something I wrote last night in my bed, after I saw Xavier Dolan's Mommy.

I have seen Mommy. OMG.
Second best Dolan film I've seen. Before that was Laurence Anyways.
(Mommy is as good, Laurence Anyways is just my favorite)
Both times with the flue, both times I felt cured.
One more movie on my list of life-saving-most-important-masterpieces.

After finally seeing Zabriskie Point early in September, after leaving the theater high and complete with Only lovers left alive, after trembling and feeling restless with Blue is the warmest color last year…
I think it's been a productive year for the film passionate that I am.

◊ Remarkable musical moments : 
Opening credits with The Magdalene Sisters (Peter Mullan) ending credits, which I instantly recognized for counting this movie among the most overwhelming ones I've watched.
Ending credits with Lana Del Rey's Born to die. I left the room dancing and singing (discreetly).
I never thought I would ever appreciate a song from Oasis in my life again, even less Céline Dion.

◊ The format is totally justified and ingenious, captivating. I want to remember every single intelligent and beautiful shot in my mind.
Let's not even start with the actors... I love you forever, Suzanne Clément. Also, Anne Dorval & Antoine Olivier Pilon.

Thank you, Xavier Dolan, for reminding me how much I love and need movies.
And to never give up.