In my last year or so of secondary school, when I was about 16, Beyoncé came out with “Crazy in love”, and Christina Milian came out with “AM to PM.” Before that, it was about Britney, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera — all these really cute white girls who defined what the boys were fancying. Then that year, there was this boom of all these light-skinned black stars, and all of a sudden I was the shit. I was hanging out with the popular girls; I’d gone from people literally scribbling out my face in school photos and writing ugly next to it, to, two years later, having everything be fine — all of a sudden I was really cute. At the time I was super androgynous — I had short hair and I dressed like a boy — and suddenly it was cool to dress the way I did, and I was the most desirable thing on earth. I always called bullshit on that!

— FKA twigs for Rookie