Q: What do you think of Ben Hopper's 'Natural Beauty' project?

he asked me to be in it and i declined. i think it’s really problematic to make a project on body hair on women, being a male as well, and do any connection to natural beauty without really visibly or obviously also discuss the idea of what “natural” actually means.
i have told all this to him and in the way he approached me he have shown very little respect of the fact that he is a male and just the history of the hierarchy of a male taking the agency to shoot and define females and how uncomfortable that makes me feel (i don’t think i should have to say this, but when i tried to work with males i have a numerous times been disrespectfully treated even to an extent where i got sexually harassed).
he even ridiculed me for pointing out his power position and that it makes me uncomfortable. so i hold very little respect towards him. and yeah edit as gongxueyun said: also the fact that most of these “natural beauties” are thin/white/cis…