Q: In your opinion, do you see women shaving their legs and underarms as bowing down to sexism? I'm interested, not accusing you either way as I completely respect you.

noo. i use make up. i use skirts. i color my hair. i fall for women that sometimes, and sometimes not, resemble loads of normative ideals that spring from some kind of female oppression. but very much everything in history is shifting. the balance of what is sexist and what’s not is extremely hard.
therefor what i’m trying to aim for is people not judging or extremely overtly and openly talk about peoples choices of their own bodies. i think it’s perfectly beautiful to try your way in to feeling comfortable in your own body. maybe sometimes shave, sometimes not. maybe in periods always wear high heels and periods not. maybe always color your hair. maybe always wear make up.
but please, just because people chose to do something with their bodies (or sometimes just simply having a body with ass or boobs, or almost no asses and no boobs. tall or short or w/e) you find ugly/horrendous/unsexy you don’t have to let them know. because you know what? you shouldn’t flatter yourself with thinking _your_ opinion about _their_ bodies matter. because most likely they did it because they enjoy their bodies like that. or because their bodies just look like that.