Love Conquers All

"If you’re straight, you’ve always known you can get married if and whenever you damn well please, and so maybe it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to you. Or maybe, no matter what your sexual orientation, you just think marriage is a BS heterosexist institution anyway, so no one should be fighting for it. 
Well, I’ll give you that: Marriage was created as a heterosexist and sexist institution, and has been perpetuated in that vein for decades. But (a) if things like work, dating, child-rearing, and computer programming can be transformed to be more inclusive, so can marriage; and (b) whatever—this isn’t actually about marriage, this is about recognizing gay people as equal to straight people
Seeing us as full people. People as good as anybody else. 
You can, as a straight person, get married by going through a drive-thru chapel in Vegas, you can get and stay married for exactly 55 hours, and that’s still considered a legal, valid marriage. 
If straight people have access to a silly retrograde tradition, so should we."

 by Krista