An incomplete list of actions that could get you killed if you’re black in America :
1. Selling CDs outside of a supermarket. 
2. Selling cigarettes outside of a corner store.
3. Walking home with a friend.
4. Missing a front license plate.
5. Wearing a hoodie.
6. Riding a commuter train.
7. Holding a fake gun in a park in Ohio.
8. Holding a fake gun in a Walmart in Ohio.
9. Holding a fake gun in Virginia.
10. Holding a fake gun in Washington, D.C. 
11. Calling for help after a car accident.
12. Driving with a broken brake light. 
13. Attending a Bible study class
14. Failing to signal a lane change
15. Walking away from police.
16. Walking toward police
17. Running to the bathroom in your apartment
18. Walking up the stairwell of your apartment building
19. Sitting in your car before your bachelor party.
20. Holding your wallet
21. Making eye contact. 
22. Attending a birthday party.
23. Laughing.